well folks it is time to cheerfully admit moral defeat again in the form of a rousing list!!! Aren’t you ka-pleezed?! Cuz I’yam. And afterward, I’m gonna tag this tasty little strudel!* Just WATCH!**

1. The Happy-Go-Lucky traveling musicians of the Lunar Hotel Trashing Variety have once again darkened our door and there is really no use denying it.
2. I am afraid that I am the estrogen bomb of Songfight, the scourge of Twitter, the bane of blogging, the F#^€youPal Fairy of Facebook, the Ghoul of Google…. the lame list lingers…..
This week I have mostly been sullenly stabbing at my new, ironically pink-clad iPad(hay-that-rhymes-and-HEY-is-for-hor-SES!!!)
3. Once again I am an oily speckled creature one might better find desperately clinging in an ill-fitting suit to a junior high gymnasium wall; dotted and pasty face turned from the spinning disco ball- ears resolutly clamped shut to the strains of ‘Take My Breath Away…’
okay … I could have just said I’d developed a nasty goiter-looking thing and that I bet no one would dance with me today *either..* but who’s counting and who cares.
4. I’m not even going to get into the Other Epic Symptoms that were recorded by scientists because of their gut-wrenching severity.

Also, it will be a low of 40something tonight. FARENHEIT!! For a Texan this is quite Brisk! I shall not complain one iota!

My fingers are kinda cold tho and I could use some hot cocoa…. {sniffle}

*tag fail
**as IF. oooppps I SO am the Lying Princess of LIES!!!!


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