piano don’t get cupcakes…

sometimes it is hard to motivate myself. i do get a little depressed.

1. i am not special. i am just like everybody else. i am replaceable by a newer, faster, betterlooking model.
2. i am not that smart. i cannot even spell, really.
3. i don’t really even have the luxury of self-loathing, because it’s really not in style at the moment.
4. neither is self-pity. crap.
5. i want a cupcake. oh. those are SO the THING right now aren’t they? yeah. well i did write a cupcake song. no? oh yeah … heh, heh … that WAS so last season… yeah… true.. well, piano don’t get chicks, whaddayagonnado……… :S
6. yeah, i can’t write songs anymore unless someone gives me a title. no, i can’t even remember what the title is unless i double check a website? well.. hell … yes, perhaps i DO need a support group.
7. yeah, i’m gonna get over it now and stop feeling sorry for myself because i am a clever little thing who has an iPad now.
8. yes, i can do anything i want. I can fix stuff I did wrong before and I can make it even though I am a damn old lady. I can do this. I am awesome. I am inspiring and inspired. I will Bounce Back and take over the galaxy. Yep.
9. no, i do not need anyone to do it. But if you are out there reading this and you would like to help me, whoever you are, I am smart and pretty and I write songs that are cute and quirky. Yeah, they’re about dessert. But they ROCK. And they’re kinda a little sexy and nerdy and quirky.

And I may be a weirdo, but I’m not easy to forget if you’ve ever seen me play. Seriously.

10. I have to keep reminding myself that. because it’s hard to believe when no one is telling you that. Or when they do, you don’t listen to them.
11. i will say this. and i will say this for everyone who needs to hear it, regardless of whether or not they read my blog:

if you can play the piano like a bad-ass, in your own distinct style, while singing at the same time – songs YOU MADE UP that are GOOD, and several of them as well … you’ve got something special. no one can take that away.

I salute you. I salute me. I salute us, piano players. Well, indeed – all musicians. We get cupcakes. This is our day. And so is tomorrow. “Everything’s coming up roses, comin’ up roses, everyday…”

Take back the bench! Take back love! Why shouldn’t we?

piano don’t get cupcakes…

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