I have decided…

1. I have decided it’s time to get proactive and positive. Yep. You heard me. It’s time to put on my Activity Britches (no, I don’t have “activity britches” …. stop trying to imagine what they look like, whether they are tight or loose, if they are underwear or overalls, blahblahblahblah….); AHEM..
{throat clear}
it’s time to put on my Productivity Pants and get something nice rolling out of the Closet of Ennui. Yessir…
2. Anyway, yes. I am about to do things that are Forward Thinking, yet fun. Putting routines into place that will carry me through the rest of the year and, indeed, the peril that is the Holiday Season. Let’s all be careful out there. Take care of each other.
3. I am not going to Fret that I am growing in The Elderly Way. My back is making bone crack-sy noises that are a little decrepitly. This is terribly sexy sounding, isn’t it? Oh yeah, baby.
4. I am going to start being more community oriented. I will chase up friendships that I have formed. I will leave the house. I will continue collaborating and not assume that there is fresh trouble over every horizon just because I had a few bad experiences. I will also not burn every bridge that is a little wobbly. Perhaps things will be better in the morning. Or if not this morning, some other morning. If I do not seem like a Glorious and Fetching creature to everyone I meet today – perhaps the tide will make me look more like a mermaid than a manatee when I catch some other wave. Or perhaps I can cut out this “hey, sailor” metaphor that is past drowned and skip to number-
I’m going to feature an “Inspiring Person of the Week” every week. This has not gone well in the past. I have not been consistent with this type of thing. So the only thing to do when that is the case is to bite it off in…

large non-achievable chunks. Set impossible to reach goals, I always say! So I’m also going to.
6. Write about the piano repertoire that I’m working on.
7. Continue songfighting in earnest
8. Continue all the recording that I am doing
9. Keep blogging like a beast
10. Make new, themed lists
11. Read. But make Updates about my reading.

I used to have a cigar girl website, and I think I may retask that for a reading website. We often sit on the back porch and relax and read books and do our work. It seems like a waste of a blog not to write about that. And I already yammer on and on here.

Sort of like I’m doing now… at one in the morning.

Okay. This is TOTALLY a blog about nothing. I’m just talking to talk.

I have decided…

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