kick a rock

1. i have a very exciting weekend of computer organization planned. it absolutely cannot be derailed by by time-suckagge.
2. i have been so tired lately.
3. i feel like everything about me smacks of boredom.
4. i need hand lotion. and nail polish. on my toes. my feet look like Yeti Feet. I know you were dying to hear about my Yeti feet. Dear good grief this blog is not going well today. I’m breaking every blog rule in the book.
5. I think my headphones are growing into my head.
6. i got a brilliant new toy but I do not want to talk about it yet. i will when i get more computer discipline up around me. that’s what this weekend is for.
7. i have a songfight to do and four projects I’m really “gotta get this done” about. Then I can reassess where I am.
8. I am going to be in a Carpenter’s coverfight over at songfight, so that’s kinda cool. I sorta wanted to do ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ but it’s not technically written by them and I didn’t know at the time that this was okay to do. Soo I chose a tune that was actually a write from within the band. I chose to do the one with the .. unexpected guitar part – ‘Goodbye to Love.’ I think the words are very Den and that I could do some really cool piano work on it. I haven’t decided if or how I’m going to incorporate the guitar into that. I have some ideas… we’ll see.
9. My life has gotten pretty tricky. Part of this is because I have become so isolated. At this point, I require help and like a snowplow or something to get me out of the … um snow. Why yes, this snow is metaphorical. I am from Texas, we live with drought and water restrictions.
10. Sometimes, willingly convincing someone of your stupidity and your gullibility even though you are quite the opposite is necessary to keep up the enjoyable illusion. It works with both the governments of the world and in personal relationships where you don’t want to talk about It.

It’s easier to have a blank expression on your face and act like you believe everything you are told. You know, like the simpleton who believes in pretty promises made even though you see actions that trumpet quite the opposite.

No, I’m not bitter or tired! 🙂 Of COURSE you won’t hear any highly romanticized “Stranded-like character”-laden, angry songs. Nope. Not out of me… ha, ha, ha!!!

{whistles a jaunty tune…}
{realizes she can’t whistle}
{looks for cute sand to kick and beach to pout on. awww. sympathy?}

gee i need sleep.
(in closing, it’s really easy to spell “sleep” – “SPEEL” when you are real tired.)

I wonder what “speel” is! 🙂

kick a rock

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