square dancing your way to the top of the bouncy pyramid

1. This is going to be an indulgence, this blah-blog. I just texted a Friend and mailed another and I’m gonna have to do even more uncomfortable Extracative (isthataword?) stuff later.
2. The reason? Well, it’s the me being nice. It’s taking up too much time. I’m going to become like everybody else now and scramble around Looking for WorK and doing only That Work, things that really turn me on, and stuff that I really really enjoy. So I’m about to get real choosy.
3. Our family just took a hit in the employment department and the time for me to sit mentataing over the meaning of life is over.
4. If you’ve been getting free spins at the Casino del Den, it’s time to cash those chips in because I’m scrambling to close all my old tickets in a responsible fashion. If I feel I still have work to finish I’m going to try level best to hit it. But for the most part I have a pretty clear mind about what I have to do.

5. Finish 5 projects I owe people and have that be where I sit. Make a list of other things which might be of benefit to me and mankind and the Coming Zombie Apocalypse and keep it Handy.
6. Go have dinner with my family
7. Launch self aggressively
8. Aggressively organize employment gathering
9. Network hell out of self
10. Utilize jedi-blogging skills learned over weekend to maximize efficiency in social media and never waste time again as long as I live.


6 min nap. Then it’s on like Q-Bert. #what?!?!

square dancing your way to the top of the bouncy pyramid

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