Unrelated Thoughts in a @BlogathonATX Blog Post

1. #Griffpig broke:

I don’t know if you KNOW griffpig. It’s sunglasses. With attitude. It’s a griffin. It’s a pig. It’s griffpig.

2. I have been Over-Tweeting at BlogathonATX. Like SERIOUSLY over-tweeting. You are probably a bit steamed-yet-dedicated and i am SO impressed that you have sat through all this malarkey on the Twitter feed (if you have) and are still here reading this fun blog. a COOKIE for you!

3. I’m actually trying to keep my spirits up a little bit. I’ve gotten a few kilowatts of bad news in the last hour-ish. I can handle it. I have actually been doing pretty well lately. Not PERFECTLY, but pretty good. And that may not be all my loved ones can ask for – because invariably people expect more from me; but it’s the best I can do and I will always strive to be better. Perfect even.

4. By the way, don’t forget Denise New Year. Not like you would forget your hat, anyway, but like you would remember your keys or your phone or something. Take it with you. You can change it to your own name, if you want.

5. I am really enjoying the blogathon.

I was having a problem on my blog where I thought I had more traffic than I did and it turns out that I really didn’t. I was blue. But if I do not have any REAL traffic on this blog, it is not anyone’s fault but my own. I think that’s the REAL problem. I want instant success with no effort. I feel that I am entitled to it because I am talented and I am cool. But this is not the Way it Goes. I have to connect, and I have to Care (which I do! I really Actually Do…sorta 😉 ..) It’s the same way in music in Austin, with my writing, with a lot of things. I sent off a querry letter today, and have been networking like a mad-woman.

[post publish admission: no I haven’t. I’ve been tweeting like a madwoman… ack.]

6. The next topic will be business vs. personal blogging. Needed here TO BE SURE. You know, or not. Who knows these things? I wonder if people like all my crap.

6. I am going to go now because I feel a little sick and shy all of a sudden. I can’t even ask my tech questions. I feel really dumb today.

I’m going to be even better here next year. I did tweet that I was going to take over the world so we ARE still sticking to THAT. 🙂 Too damn bad if I feel stupid!!!

Unrelated Thoughts in a @BlogathonATX Blog Post

2 thoughts on “Unrelated Thoughts in a @BlogathonATX Blog Post

  1. Hope you don’t stay shy. I rather enjoyed talking to you when I first got here to the Blogathon. 🙂

    Sorry you received bad news and sorry your sick now. Hope things go better for you soon.

    1. thank you! i really appreciate it. still waiting to see how things pan out and am still having lots of fun even though am still feeling timidity. Even asked a question although it didn’t really WORK… 😀

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