I Am Resolved to Rock

1. Make a List
2. Check it twice… *wait a second…..*
3. Hydrate
4. Correct today’s earlier scattered and crazytown blog posting, for it was riddled with the Spelling Errors.
5. make tags in blog
6. Pack for blogathon
7. Make sure I have business cards. Oops. Oh crap.
8. Figure out what to do about lack of jaunty business cards
9. make new and comprehensive-r info pages for Ze blog
10. prepare for TOMORROW aspect of, um Tomorrow..

And what is tomorrow, you may ask?
Why, it is October 1, which is Denise New Year. It is not a widely known national holiday, but it should be.

Hashtag it. Don’t be shy.
(okay that was lametitudinal)

What do we do on Denise New Year, oh goddess of obscure listwifery?
why, I’m glad you asked me, hypothetical song contest-T-shirt-wearing Internet collaboration junkie!
…We turn over new leaves!
We do what we are meant to do on New Years but by February the girl scouts have once again sabotaged our efforts with the Peanut Butter Patties of Injustice and also those coconutty-carmel stripey ones too, dangNabbit.
By Actual New Year we will be like well oiled machines! Because the new years resolutions hateses us!!!

you get the point.

(by the way, I’m about to get buffalo wings, just cuz I want them. I am only 78% sure this is okay for me but I have a hankering).

For now I’m drinking clear pure water because it’s good for us. Us being the royal We. Because I am insane.

11. Make sure I’m calmed down enough for Social Activity tomorrow.

I Am Resolved to Rock

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