like pants on a sarcastic day

I had the most horrible dreams last night. The kind of dreams that make you sit up and say, “you are going to lose everything if you keep on like this.” It was pretty freaky.
I know it’s true, because songwriting and making work has either been going really easily or really poorly. I’m at that point where I think I need to listen to my body.

I get tempted to think that the beautiful things need to go on forever, are forever. I get absolute – want to believe in fate and destiny. You can get me to see karma in the similar way our pancake syrup swirls together… that we are meant to write songs together, perhaps. Possibly even if you are *not even a songwriter* I’ll think destiny formed us from the same rock. I’m a magical creature who doesn’t come from this earth. If you want something from me there’s a LOT of ways to get it. I like to think though that this gives me a certain unforgettable taste. That I am silly and gullible, but creative and loving and sacrificial and fun. I will make my stay in your project something memorable.

Of course I have to stop beating myself up about this chemistry thing!

I am this way. Maybe this is not the case. I am sleepy now. I will get back to it. Maybe my dreams will improve. I will pick up the pieces. I have a lot to write about.

Maybe I’m just not right for everyone. Or for everyone all the time. It’s okay, because it seems that there is a bit of me to go around for everyone and if there’s too much it loses something.

That’s how musiclovestuff works.

Geez… I’m such a silly sappy poetry-writing nerd………..
I’m gonna go strum a harp on a golden stairway or something. In a toga. Or a slinky nightgown. Or clothed in the scratchy sweater of sarcasm and the tweed slacks of irony (what?!?!).


like pants on a sarcastic day

2 thoughts on “like pants on a sarcastic day

  1. “I” had a dream last night… in which everything wrong in my life went right… and much to my surprise….

    (Joe – In the Sweater of Abandonment)
    (In 24degree heat… whats WRONG with me!?!?!?)

    1. If your dreams are like mine maybe it’s “break up with your busy schedule. It’s making you sweat.” I think I overbook. I might want to look into that. Make more Den songs. I always tell you to make more Joe songs too, so you know how that goes. You seem to be good at keeping your head afloat tho. I need to learn to be better about that! 🙂

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