1. i am kinda bummed out today.
2. i have had a lot of successes.
3. it seems that my successes are always tinged with a little bit of toughness and some other stuff on the side.
4. i am very hungry right now.
5. try as i might, i can’t make a panda bear into a bunny rabbit.
6. i can’t expect people to be sweet on me just because i write songs about dessert. i’m a piglet, that is just my way. apparently, it’s hardly a singular phenomenon.
7. you can’t teach an old piano a new tempo.
9. the covalent bond that holds the hydrogen atoms to the oxygen one is always going to be the same. it’s not going to change. there is nothing to be done about this. so there are certain universal truths. and you can’t force chemistry. ain’t gonna happen.
10. i am feeling rather dehydrated, come to think of it. you get that way when the psycho state you live in has had the blight that was prayed for sent upon it finally.
11. Number Eleven is redacted because it was snarky and surly and I’m better than that. I notice I had to tell you that I was being snarky though, so I guess I am not QUITE over myself. GRRRR.
12. Communication skills. They’re what’s for dinner! 🙂


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