Some Kind of Blue

1. Tis pancake time!!!
2. my tummy feels hurty and I’m a little sullen and blue. I want to make fun of some scrunchy faced blueberries I guess!!! Scrunch them with my fork!!
3. Thought about travel this morning and realized I have millions of flyer miles. I have a while to think about it. I could go to Paris, but do not know French. I have always wanted to go to the Far East. We NEED to go to Australia and New Zealand and tickets are free if I spend miles. It’s kind of a no brainer. But then I shall probably not go anywhere else as long as I live!
4. I am going to Songfight Live though… in 2012. Will make this regular now…
5. I get to play with VSTs all day!
6. that is not what she said.
7. when I do anything of merit I swear I’ll post it! this is starting to be a blog about nothing!!! Here is a fun photo to wash it down with.


It’s a cotton candy flavored lollipop from the other day. It was actually labeled “Mystery Flavor” – but I wonder … what is the NAME for people who dislike blue food? Because the thing with blue food seems to be a thing! And it’s just blue food… Not red or green or purple or orange or anything else!

Who knows these things?

ps. Mike said he’d play me some jazz today. His music picks have been hit-win all week 🙂

Some Kind of Blue

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