Technological Retreats

1. I tried to write a post before and ended up just uploading a photo of my aluminum foil robot:

2. I wonder if this confused some of you!
3. Couch Kitty and the Cylon have taken their relationship “to the next level.” I’ve become concerned and have tried to intervene; but clearly this is a love which knows no boundaries. It matters not that Cylon is a Smackbook Pro and Couch Kitty is, well, a cat. True Love finds ways.
4. On that note, I am dragging the Cylon from its twitterpated stupor to do more organizing because I have a love affair with some overdue projects I have with some friends who’d just love to see me complete some work.
5. Am going to be recording all week! Yay!! Very exciting!
6. I had an ice cream coffee drink today and shouldn’t have.
7. One of the things making me perplexed and a tad cross is the self adjusting cylonic volume in hangouts in Google+. I think the Cylon is perhaps distracted by feline romance.

Who knows these things? 🙂

Technological Retreats

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