Ground Control to Major Me

1. I’m doing a little open-y mic-y thing-y tonight. I’m on the website. I don’t know how many songs I am meant to play but I s’poze I’d better get going.
2. I need to update my bio page on this thing.
3. i have a robot ring. it kind of resembles MC Frontalot, except with girl-glasses. Also, he’s not blue and doesn’t have a square head. So I guess he doesn’t.

4. I am going to have to tag this blog better.
5. Blogathon is so totally coming up!
6. I need to start getting gigs and like, promoting myself.
7. I sound really flaky and stuff. I’m not, I’m just anxious and shy. I could barely talk to the waitress today until she actually brought a large salted pretzel to the table. TO THE TABLE.

I didn’t know we were allowed to have those at restaurants. And ice cream in beer. I love you Flying Saucer.

And I’m an alien from the planet Xondor as well.

Perhaps I should put pictures up of the cigar galaxy to make my blog pretty. I wonder if the Earthling Space Patrol People would let me do that… 🙂

Ground Control to Major Me

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