“A.A.”.. Queen of Cups

I got a bit sick off sweeties today. This is odd coming from the Queen of All that is Cupcake and Grand Celebrant of Jarritos. No matter, I am sure that the sugar-love will surge all the higher coming up soon, as our travelling musicians once again make their trek to the Renaissance Festival held in the Magical Forest.

(too graphic? no matter. try living here. i swear these are not literal metaphors.)

I have been waiting for an artistic breakthrough that is meant to help me organize my computer and my life and get started on stringing together my book and its scenes and the songs and all the things that are Not Well Meshing and nothing was really working.
I finally have it. The missing piece of the puzzle. I did an amazed dance when I made it up.

I should have known too. All it was was a character.
It’s weird too, because it was a character I made for a songfight song. I ended up not submitting the song. I want a little more time with her 🙂

“A.A.”.. Queen of Cups

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