a really good bridge

1. got lots to do today! go-go-go!
2. I feel real good šŸ™‚ I am really thankful for the way things are going and I think that no matter what people say things will get better and better.
3. I know exactly why things went NOT good in the past. I KNOW that not every situation is the same.

I believe in magic again. šŸ™‚ I believe in myself. And that feels so good. šŸ™‚
Someday, I think I’ll be able to charge my own batteries. For now, I’m going to look up at the sky and give thanks for the things that are sent my way in a just-in-time type-way. Because I get almost-broken and then at the eleventh hour I don’t fall apart.

I think there’s a reason that I put that phoenix on my back, and not in that spot everyone makes fun of. But even if I put a sparkly unicorn that said “I heart America” on my lower back above where my pink thong might sit (I do not own a pink thong) – what is it to you?

I think it’s because I am getting to the point where I can go out and really just NOT care. And I know that it will happen faster and faster everytime until I am impervious to long bouts of pain and that this is what I am being trained for. Some people are naturals at keeping negativity at bay, and I admire them for it. People do try to hurt and sabotage you because it is in their nature to bring their sad reality to your door once you have brought light and love and your silly dreams into their life. Not all people, but some sad, unfortunate souls who cannot let you have a moment of “I just accomplished something” without a one-upper moment or who can’t let you have done them a favor without peeing all over you and taking your nice gesture away.

Even if they are permanent fixtures and there to stay. Sometimes you are just to threatening to people. Never forget this if you are a person who walks around when by yourself generally not with a High Level of Fear over when you will succeed or fail. If you go to see a show or if you read a book and do not turn green thinking that the person you have encountered will destroy you, if you think there is enough room for you too – you are not a destroyer of love.

Because there are many types of jealousy. There’s the CONQUER CONQUER I must have EVERYTHING and YOURS TOO-kind. and there’s the “I must hold on desperately to what I have because even though it LOOKS like mine it will get stolen from me just like ALL the other times” Kind.

Both things come from fear of annihilation. And the only cure for these is to eat the sun. Because the sun is a constantly replenishing source. So surround yourself with people who have also eaten sunlight. Because they have nothing to fear from you and they will kiss you and you can eat their sun and then spread like love all over the earth.

About obliterative evil, children. You learn about this in recovery programs. It’s the lobster in the bucket thing.

I am not a natural fighter of negativity, so I must be trained to take my space and say “ha, ha!” I must not care and I must laugh always at the reactions I cause in others.

Particularly if they are so strong that they seek to derail me and then quickly scurry into the night like frightened children “who-me-ing” as if they were never there.
Ha, ha. How silly. How rude.
Poor little you. šŸ™‚

I hope you wake up and that there is sun. And that then it rains. And that flowers grow. And that it is sunlight and many 63-76 degree days.

(the you is a general you. because i have some general you’s that have bothered to make me generally happy lately, and I am generally grateful for being made to feel specifically special).

I’m going to go write a Really Good Bridge now that I have finished my blog. šŸ™‚

a really good bridge

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