Sacre Bleu!*

Ah, Paris*…

1. What I don’t know about the French culture and it’s Language and People* could fill a river bed the size of the Seine (NOT pronounced See-un, or Sign, as in “Here’s Your Sign!”).. then to flow into the sea.
2. I have been working on lyrics for THIS tune for literally, days. I have finally gotten them.
3. I smell like a desperate weasel. This is okay because my roommate has just gotten back from Burning Man (pictures forthcoming) less than a week ago. He smells like playa. Which smells like roommate and desert mixed together to form a congeal-y paste that does not sparkle. I am learning lots about life once again.
4. I have been practicing every day. And I just got my recording done today. I just thought of something. Generally everything I’ve sent through has gotten lots of approval lately. I think this is because I sound like Real Me more and more all the time.
5. I am going to completely clean everything today. No. It’s TRUE! Laundry as well! Why are you ROTFLing? Seriously? Ack to you!
6. This song made me feel really stupid and I think that any mystique I might have had as a human being is totally gone. For like, a lot of people.
7. I want to be alone. That’s probably why I drove around yesterday for a bit and listened to the Dixie Chicks again. I don’t feel like apologizing for this so I won’t. One should never apologize for the Dixie Chicks. Or for wearing Halloween Kitty Ears.
8. I might be hungry. I think I’m just dirty though.
9. I need to wash my face and probably just shower, which will feel nice. I have to go see what these cat noises mean first tho.
10. A lot of tmi today. hmm.

*tongue in cheek link, phrase, or title. Just sayin’*

Sacre Bleu!*

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