strange fruit

1. Blogathon is fast approaching.
2. I have not put out any solo material in For-Ev-Er.
3. I am at an impasse in many situations. I enjoy Strawberries. These thoughts seem unrelated, but are not. Not quite.
4. My Odd Blog and Other Social Networking Situations have mysteriously resolved themselves, almost as if by Strange Fairy Magic. This is simultaneously relieving, Curious, suspicious, ironic, and Boring.
I am grateful for this because suddenly I find I am getting work done like a normal person and that making lists has become easy and drama free.
5. Bananas make you feel mysterious and alluring, even if they are not at their peak stage of ripeness.
6. Pears are not as terrible when utilized in sushi. It may sound weird, but there it is.
-my Hair Person.
-my new friend who makes sushi and is a L-E-G-E-N-D
-the latest songfight which is going to be a huge pain and that I don’t think I will get done but I’m starting to slip off the grid there again and only my collab is really keeping me around and my lurking interest in other people. I’ve always lurked and listened.
-a couple albums that I have heard lately.
8. I must deal with the fact that all my writing places have gone into shambles and so are all the places where I reside.
9. I need to practice now.
10. I must pick up this place out of whine-sville where it also currently sits and take it to another place.

I have photographs to post and other stuff to organize.
I had fun at the amusement park and lots to say about that! I could write for DAYS!!!!!

[ADDENDUM: When I say I must do these review-y type things, I mean the reviews for the reviewy type things. I think grammar shot me in the foot on that one. if you are giggling, stop it.]

strange fruit

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