Three Items of Varying Degrees of Importance

1. Ry Cooder at Nonesuch RecordsRy Cooder. His new record. Go. Wherever it is you go for such things. Get it. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It took my freaky and crappy little perspective of the world that I have had for the past few weeks and turned it upside down on its head. The creator of ‘My Name is Buddy‘… perhaps better know for being the guiding star of ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ has done it again with ‘Pull up Some Dirt and Sit Down.’

Ry Cooder is a special man in our home. We have some names in our marriage. His, Ani DiFranco, Ben Harper, Flaming Lips, The Whitlams ‘Eternal Nightcap’ album when we were first dating because Mike played Triple J a lot for me and also some of the albums he had. He is also a huge U2 fan so I got a little into that. He knows a lot about jazz. He is horrified at my superfluous knowledge of popular 80s radio hits. That is not my fault – it’s like remembering sitcom themes. That is not what we are talking about today.

This album. Gush. AGGGHGHGHG. Songs like ‘Dirty Chateau’ and ‘John Lee Hooker for President’ will just leave you smiling and saying “Oh Ry…” like you know the man. He’s got this style. He pulls you in. He comforts you. He is easy to listen to. It’s just damn good songwriting with perfect balance and lush familiarity. And what might come off as gimmicky in any other artistic setting – what might be almost impossible to do for others he pulls off with something that is hard to come by. He puts class and fun between two slices of bread and makes a musical tuna melt that you’d pay almost ten dollars for at a restaurant. yeah. for a sandwich. you’ll pay more than that, maybe a little less for the CD depending on where you get it and how – but damn if it isn’t worth it.

When a record pulls me out of my deep self-entitled blue funk of “but he said that” and “she did this” and “then I had to say that and do THAT” to just saying “hey man…everyone can just RELAX now cuz everything is real NIIIIICCCEEEEE….” – that album is end-of-summer-gold on a stick. Bravo, Ry Cooder.

2. Moving along to a VENTY ASIDE: “Yes, cat. I understand that you are the ONLY being in the universe. I know that all village life must cease while you rub on my arms and my computer and my face and torso and diet coke and all the other belongings of mine so that it can be made clear to all who can sense Such Things that you have claimed me. I know I must participate in this ritual at least every hour; sometimes multiple times. I know this is of tantamount importance.
Ocassionally I have to do other things. I am actually not getting my work done sometimes, because I am trying to Meet Your Needs. You are like a demanding Boyfriend, an insistent lover. You meyow at the door when I leave the house now. I feel I am betraying you when I interact with other humans. I feel I am actually invading your privacy by blogging about you. Anyway. I will leave this thought there now, and brush the pile of hair from my white shirt. I have done my hours of cat duty for the day. I shall finish this blog and try to get some work done.

3. The new songfight is up. I’m not saying that I’m on it. This is because there’s some swears in the song I may or may not be participating in. That is all. It’s your own fault if you listen. You’ve been warned! I’m not even going to link it!
This has been a good day for the internet, blogging, song-ing, writing, and me – in general. I think this is because I am getting sleep and stuff like that. Rock.

I had something else to say but I forgot it and I have to go make guacamole. My guacamole is the stuff from which legends are made.

Three Items of Varying Degrees of Importance

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