safety dance.

1. I have decided not to act like a spaz. Depending on who you are, you can either get thanked for your support; or you can sit here and cope and be proud that I am refusing to live in fear under circumstances which are not my fault.
2. I think I have a secret admirer. That is what we will call them. Yeah. A secret admirer. Welcome to my blog, secret admirer! I feel like you know the secrets of my soul a little bit. You’ve been coming here for a long time, and so regularly and diligently. I don’t know jack about how to admin a blog though, I am just learning – so I am just realizing that the stats I have been congratulating myself for have actually been your loyalty and diligence over shreven-only-knows-how-long. This calls JUST-SO-MUCH into question.

3. It will require much meditation and practice to sort it all out in my head. It’s a thickish one I’m afraid! I’m probably not really cut out for this kind of thing. I don’t even like sitting here with a package with someone else’s name on it for too long. I get freaked out in a grocery store where there’s more than 10 people. I’m BAD with this kind of thing. You should have seen me in my last real crowded airport… not pretty. I’m not real good at airports. Close peeps of me know this…

4. Like I say, I’m a little shy, so I can’t say your arrival has gone without note. But I will try to calm down and be welcoming and informative to the best of my ability. I am an honest thing though, so in the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to inform you that some of the sites you have shown keen interest in are down for maintenance. This is, of course, unrelated to the freakiness which you have inspired in the depths of my soul. It’s totally just because I’m doing some cleanup.
5. I’m going to a blogathon in October, and I’m going to ask about the protocol of this kind of thing. I’m probably totally screwing up right now. But I hate to be dishonest and not express myself in my own blog or songs or way. I’m an emotional girl, an artist, and a purveyor of truth and love and openness. Why change now? Why have the experience of my year ruin me? I’m cryptic, yes – but it’s time to take back Den! So whatevermonkey!
6. I would like to dedicate this song to my hypothetical secret admirer, this is what I’d do. I would sing them THIS song!!!

or lock them in a room and make them watch THIS offering from the Weebl’s site (on my sidebar!) for-like-EVER!!!! or nyan-cat. i’m getting out nyan cat next. this is just how my brain works.

perhaps this can be the start of a congenial relationship here between us. I feel like I know you so well already. your habits, your tastes, your routines and rituals. you know me, I know you …

7. in lighter news, i am not entirely sure whether or not i am gaining weight, but I am quite certain that I AM in fact, getting fuglier. This just makes my music really awesome.

8. I put out another video. it’s a practice vid. it came off pretty smooth though. If you are a good admirer, perhaps leaving a comment, or introducing yourself.. I may give you the link šŸ™‚

9. you can probably find it yourself though! you’ve been a real eager beev.

10. My shoes make my feet smell funny and the bunny cookies I ate make my breath smell like oats. tmi perhaps, but oh whale.

safety dance.

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