Fries on the Side… (tongue-cheek)

1. i’m damn tired.
2. i’m feeling pretty good. my vocals are shot. I’m trying REALLY hard lately!
3. I’m trying so hard I’m not putting as much out, but my standards have gotten higher for some reasons. I’m going with my gut on this. There are people who agree and I feel very drawn to them. They know who they are, but I don’t think they are reading my blog muchly. Yet……. 🙂
4. I think I’m psyching myself out a little.
5. I am so tired.
6. I feel less bad about things, less paranoid.
7. Here’s a list of sexy words. Yes, there’s a couple people in my mind. Maybe two or three: 🙂
bravery, drive, honesty, perseverance, kindness, politeness, loyalty, concern, warmth, intimacy…

VERY sexy…

I am very grateful. This is probably because I am a sensualist. This is probably why I am lingering too long over things, when I should move on and perhaps go to sleep. Nothing has to be perfect here!

Are there 12 yet? I don’t know! It’s been really hot! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ve been on stupid medication for quite sometime. The flowers need time to grow.

Fries on the Side… (tongue-cheek)

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