1. I am very tired. I am having a terrible day. Major upheaval here at Casa de-Den. It’ll either get cleared up and get much better or get worseworseworse and go away. Either way, my situation’s exploded and I’m critical massed.
2. The good thing about critical mass is the organization phase. Cleanup couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. So we are now entering :


Shall I prepare thee for another summer’s day? You’ve gotten Used to these updates! Well, get unused! We’re going back to regular Den frequency!
1. We gotz no rain
2. I am putting out barely any music
3. Thank God for Songfight!
4. That’s basically all I got right now. I don’t have two creative dimes to rub together.
5. I got block
6. The cylon hates me.

If you haven’t been den-walkin very long- the cylon is my Smackbook Pro. I think perhaps I should make this fun, make themes, letters, a handy glossary and bio page.

Honesty is the best policy.

For now it’s back to practice.

More story later. Another chapter of the crazy. If you are a person I’ve spoken with hysterically, I’m not going anywhere; I’ll figure out my problems with sticky situations. A Thing to remember about Texas gals and Other Southern women is that we are made of sterner stuff than might be advertised!

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