stream of conscious-blog

1. Oh holy cows. It is:


(for you eager beevers over in places where they use the Metrick System and feel that we are quite quaint and silly, that equals:

31.666 CELULOID.
(or whatever)

2. Yes. I am being silly, with my funny words and stuff. But just listen to my congenial mood! How I giggle because I almost typed congenial moose. How I made a wish for you cuz it’s 11:11 am. Yeah, you. And you. And YOU! I get to do that!

There’s a breeze.

3. I’m in a hair salon. My husband is receiving a haircut. Yesterday my mood was so bad I thought I was honestly going to die. Moods are SO WEIRD. I really hate this thing in my head. I swear sometimes it’s going to beat me. I really am a very lucky individual, with everything I need.

It’s like putting a 6 year old in a Ferrari.
Yeah. I do think I’m a pretty fast car. And I’ll crash myself one day.
4. Speaking of weirdo little children, theres a boy sitting across from me with his shirt pulled over his head and arms stuck in his sleeves. He has made himself look like a pair of jeans with sandals and a shirt with just a mop of hair and no arms. Maybe he is just cold. I wanted to take a photo. But you can’t randomly photograph people’s children even if they are doing something amazingly cute and funny because people will think you are creepy. It’s really kinda too bad.
Jeepers! This kid looks just like my husband did when he was a kid, and real similar to a friend of mine too! Weird.

The next person I hang out with hopefully will look nothing like me.

5. I remember once I was in a band with a youngyoung guy. He was beautiful, in his 20s. Very slim, delicate features, longish hair.
REALLY tall like Eric Northman TrueBlood tall!!!

I thought, dude! I’m singing with the vampire Lestat!

6. They are playing REM in here and it is making me think of high school.

7. It just switched to ‘Wipe Out,’ or I thought it did. Quite a lot of rock drumming is really just trying to copy the raw, innocent energy of ‘Wipe Out.’

I was thinking of getting something here, but I already have enough girly crud to put in my hair…

pps. BlueStarCafe!
ppps. this week I am buying some Reeses PB cereal. Dunno why this is important.
pppps. Mike thinks the Type O Negative that came on was random, bur NOTHING is Random… NOTHING!!!
ppppps. right into ‘Land Down Under.’ And he’s screwing up the words? Really? REALLY?!?!? And dancing in the car. Embarrassing me. Dude…..
pppppps. He also can’t drive. Nope.

I had something else to say but can’t remember what it was:
Oh yeah. It was tagging. I’m gonna tag the heck outta this today. Sigh. Borrrrrinnnng. *eyeroll*

EDIT: three stupid mistakes that were funny found upon reread. They made me giggle though. I almost kept them in in brackets after I corrected them cuz they’re funny. But I didn’t cuz I’m so professional 😉

stream of conscious-blog

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