Monday List

1. This cat will not stop trying to get into the trash can. I am getting really annoyed.
2. I’m on a popcorn kick again.
3. I wanted to try to write an angry blog today about general anger, rather than turning anger inwards; because that’s not healthy.
4. I am doing a remix of my Circle of Titles song.
5. I did not get a songfight song done for the prompt ‘Ashes’ today. I am just fine with this. I need a bit of a break.
6. Cat has been distracted by a box within a box. It’s like having small children, although I am sure that anyone with small children would completely thump me for saying that and has a total right to do so.
7. Things I don’t know jack about:
-having small children
-pregnancy and labor
-divorce (actually, that’s a lie… but I haven’t gotten divorced)
-complex mathematics
-the serious ins and outs of copyright law
-how to play cricket
-how to fix cars
-crocheting and sewing
-carpentry, basic or otherwise
-torture with needles
-the Ming dynasty
-the economy and banking
-piracy (like “on the high seas”)
-gun lore
-gin rummy or Most Other Card Games
-the list goes on
8. I might like curries. I’m willing to give them another try.
9. Popcorn REALLY does get totally stuck in your teeth.
10. I’m really not digging the Cherry Coke Zero. Oh Whale.

Monday List

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