A Stinking Pit of Stupid

Today’s List-y Pep Talk to Me and Whoever Else Needs to Hear It.

1. You do not owe anyone anything. That thing in your body is YOUR spleen. You do not have to sell it to anyone and you CERTAINLY do not have to give it away for free. You are not even required to check in and explain.
2. sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you look up and see that there is a tiny skylight and you can crawl out of the stinking pit of STUPID that you landed yourself in.
3. if you are in a stinking pit of STUPID, then it is your own damn fault.
4. if you happen to be in the pit, that does not mean that YOU, yourself, are stupid. You’ve just lowered your common denominator. Smart yourself right up on outta there! You’re better than this!
5. We all make choices. If you are lucky, you have chosen stupidity. Thusly, it is not a permanent station… So chose smart. Right now.

Here is your exit. A big blinking sign, honeypie.

E – X – I – T

6. don’t think about the bugs on the walls down the pit of stupid. bugs are sent down to bug you. they can’t hurt you. buzz them off.
7. B O U N D A R I E S.
8. You do not owe anyone anything. No. Stop rationalizing. Seriously. The breath that you just took. You own that. It’s yours. Take another. Also yours. Yeah. Do it again. Feels nice. Keep right on going.

Don’t look back.

People who don’t give you the time of day do not deserve your time. And people who lie, slander, gossip, or otherwise gloss right over your existence in some icky way –

Not Your Problem.

Adios, MoFo.

Some people only say a couple intelligent things in all their lives. Unfortunately, usually not in context. Oh, whale.

A Stinking Pit of Stupid

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