1. I put one of my songs on a facebook comment (or two!!) today to make a political point, so I’m writing a Story of a Song blog about it. It’s taking AGES!
2. #BASHH (Big Ass Social Happy Hour) was really a good time. I got my
Twitter bling from JenHeartsArt

I’m quite pleased!
3. It was sorta funny tho because Jen was saying after she gave me my replacement Duality237 necklace that at Blogathon this year she thinks that we should try to get Joe my duo guy to eat a taco on a live stream. Like we’d send him good tortillas and everything, somehow… or some chorizo or something. The whole table got concerned, trying to construct ingredients for this mythical taco he’s meant to have. He’s famous for writing in the taco blog that ImtheQ started for a bit about never having had one! So we talked about how we’d ship something awesome over like that to him …I haven’t the foggiest… but from what I know of him he’ll have to be chaperoned thru his first actual salsa experience. He once posted a photo of a burrito. I told that story tonight.
4. In other news, unfortunately before I went to BASHH, I think I bashed my butt. I was doing something and I’m just gonna not even bother to explain. I fell into the bathtub. HARD. Across my hip. The wrong way. I have a huge swelly bruise,

I’m kinda starting to stiffen up and hurt pretty bad. I’m glad I got thru the evening. I’m pretty sure it was the pills I took. No wonder I’m so dang sleepy!!!

I woke Mike up just so he could see the bruise! Aren’t I mean?!

PS EDIT. Billy and the Psychotics (that would be me cowriting and singing with Billy’s Little Trip) are doing really well in the reviews at songfight. For a weird title song! Also pleased about that!

PPS. Also I forgot to tell you that I … reconnected with an old friend. He started this alumni band thing. That’s been… entertaining. More later… 🙂


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