Cleaning Update

1. My legs hurt. Clearly I am too, too old to clean. I need magic Cleaning Creatures. Somebody call Mr. Clean. Does he know them? That bald guy on the cleaning product bottles?
2. I’m not talking about the Brawny guy, they changed him. The Brawny guy used to be hot! Now he is all pudly looking (if you are the Brawny guy and one of My Adoring Public I am so SORRY! Perhaps you took a bad photograph! Or woke up on the wrong side of your blue ox..? It happens to the best of us…)

Anyway, THAT was a sad day for Den in the paper towel aisle!!!
3. I FOUND MONEY!!!!!!! While cleaning!




I also found
a. my baby book
b. poetry (read elsewhere on interwebs in vain attempt not to offend as it is slightly sweary and yet profound and of Artistic Merit)
c. tiny Australian flags
d. wonderful pre-edit lyrics in Hard Copy
e. an elementary school recorder
f. Slipper socks
g. a book of Mad Libs…..

(we’ll be having fun with this later, y’all) πŸ˜‰

h. embarrassing photos of my old band, Anchorheads
i. tickets to Steamboat where Anchorheads played with people who have actual Music Careers now. Not that I don’t. Or won’t. Or can’t. Any way. I am SURE that these *ahem* GIGGING MUSICIANS are not currently in possession of
j. Aussie Flag Deely-Bobber Antannae with one Flag missing which I bought to surprise husband with for Australia day.
k. Mardi Gras beads which were acquired in a Responsible and Sober fashion. (I am not being Captain Sarcasmo here!!!)
l. Bunny Ears which are fuzzy
m. My SIGG bottle!
n. a weird ass chicken toy which I have already tweeted about
o. several Snooty Soaps
p. Two extremely special CDs
q. A pink guitar pick
r. an entire conga drum
s. a power puff girl sock
t. Pearl S. Buck’s ‘The Good Earth’
u. My Duality237 shirt with circle logo
v. a cow
w. an electric tea kettle
x. angry monster finger puppets which are green and blue, and one little lamb one that is eating grass and is crocheted or something.
y. A complicated boat toy I made from a Kinder Surprise.
z. A box full of WRITING UTENSILS!!!!

(which is ALSO pretty money!!)

Okay, ’nuff stalling πŸ™‚

Cleaning Update

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