when life gives you spam…

Cheap Hotels

I just found a blog comment that did NOT get through my spam folder. I was looking at my blog stats. I am an attention whore. Blog stats are very interesting. They reveal so much. The point of this blog is merely to say, that when more than eight people visit my blog, I get really excited – whatever the reason. And for the most part, people were actually visiting my blog because I had been pointed to by someone who was impressed by my potential and possible / current awesomeness. So that was kinda ROCK!

Of course, I am easily distracted, so I noticed an insightful and Spamalicious comment left on a whiny post from last July, left by ‘Cheap Hotels.’ Do I erase this comment? hmm?


Why not make spam into lemonade?! Or silliness (such as this post) into an Interrobang?! Because spam is nasty and spam-o-nade should be banned before it’s planned? Well, there’s something to it… but we here at Den Enterprises think a frown turned upside down is fine as long as it is not on a clown. It is also a thought on the songfight boards that spama-ramma-dingdongs leave good song challenges lying around. All that rhymed, so perhaps I should record NOWly, although I do not Technically Want to right now as I am Mentally Exhausted.

(although I have to, because Jon Eric has a side challenge. Hmmm.)

Anyway, Señor Tete-a-tete (a word I remembered I knew just this weekend, and which is very French and Seductive) Hotel-o-tron; has has provided me with a stirring list of Band Names, Future Song and Album Titles, Contest Ideas, I-Am-Stumped-what-the-#$*%^-do-I-Write, What Shall I Name My Planet, Random Concept; many other and sundry Ideas:

1. Study Point Tradition Attitude
2. Shake Only Length Result
3. Somewhat Friend
4. Egg Tree [possible favorite]
5. Industrial Acid Bedroom
6. Largely Himself
7. Aircraft Competition Series
8. Gentleman Strange Manager [this sounds like a nefarious Character!!!]
9. Rather Short Future
10.Something Few Illustrate

And a good mini-paragraph / shortstory-if-you-will; which could mean something bad, OR good, and which I have chosen to twist to my pro-woman purposes … being as this weekend I was wearing an empire wasted sundress which my Helpful Mike-e-a-valian husband neglected to inform me revealeth blue yonder undies. *sigh*

12. “Consider shape, woman! Arrange your middle equally. Release to street …

…Review intention!”

And skipping number That Dreaded Number, in honor of an also suspicious new collaborator of mine since I’ve got all kindsa freaky stuff going on this weekend and am not spending the recording time I’d like on stuff as I sit here and stress-release-blog.

#14. National Issue Elsewhere.

15. I like fives, so we’ll end with:
“Priority Management. Payment Reading Request.

(this is probably because I am trying to think about incorporating this blog into a website somehow, and taking this writing thing up a notch, and incorporating my music into it somehow, and taking THAT up a notch. It’s been a heady weekend. Lotsa spinning gears)


ps. as an aside, anyone who knows the ACTUAL name of the thing that I call the Ghostbuster Sign Thingy?  -that circle with the line thingy that Dude made of ectoplasm is kinda half-hanging out of, and you give it to me – shiny D-xets for you! Pronounced (DUCK-IT’s). It’s like money. From Xondor. It buys you chocolate. From Squirk. And such things to not come cheaply. It’s hard to get chocolate flown in from my corner of the universe.

when life gives you spam…

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