Sisters and Wolves

My friend Joe Lamb wrote a book and I edited it for him. It’s about werewolves, and it is Quite well written and a Very good read. Although disturbing.

As an aside, I actually brought up a scene of this book, since I am so familiar with it now; in the erotic writing seminar I took with Harmony Eichsteadt (I learned to spell her name since yesterday.. and will be correcting it in yesterday’s entry!) soonsoon!! We were talking about taboo writing topics. I will not spoil Joe’s book for you, but one of the reasons I was so taken with it is because of the interesting way in which he deals with the shadow side of the self. Not many people dare. I try to do that with lyrics and poetry and I am working on other things too that I am hopefully developing with some bravery.

Yesterday we talked about having a responsibility to speak, if one is an artist. I feel as though I have a responsibility to love and to speak about it; since I have a capacity in my heart to do so.

Yesterday was a very full, up-and-down day. Still processing.

I still don’t quite know how lots of it will sort out! More from me later.

Sisters and Wolves

6 thoughts on “Sisters and Wolves

  1. I know other cool people in real life too! Remember Eve we met at her art thing? I actually met her at Harmony’s book launch thru another mutual friend! I love Austin 🙂 x

  2. spitfiregrrrl says:

    Yay! It was so good to have you there yesterday. Thanks for sharing yourself with us! I can’t wait to read/hear your pieces as you edit and polish them and more gems from you too!

  3. Joe you know my favorite character in the book. It’s really your saddest, beautiful-est writing. Depravity runs on a continuum and when you read of its VeryVery human face you find you’ve no right to judge the weaknesses of others

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