q. I meant to type “1” and I typed “q.” Is this accident? I THINK NOT!!!!
2. No, it’s probably just an accident. I have no idea what it means.
3. I have just had an amazing Writer’s Workshop taught by Harmony E-bbeaugiful-last-name-I-cannot-spell. Her name is on facebook anyway. Go learn how to spell her last name yourself. I have had a beer and my spelling is shameful. I am triple linking her in Pennance.
4. I am feeling rather pleezed with myself.
5. I read my own blog. Apparently, I am rather damn funny.
6. I Do Not know what to do with this information. Hmmmm

{EDIT: It’s Harmony E-i-c-h-s-t-e-a-d-t . Live it. Learn it. Love it. 🙂 }


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