2nd-ary title: narrow your eyes

1. i went to the grocery store this morning. it’s kind of a big deal, but not for normal people.
2. i ate a muffin for breakfast and got really good coffee.
3. piano tuner fella coming to get his table. he may look at some of the noise that’s been made, and at the top strings making funny noises.
4. i lost data this morning. I really must back up.
5. I have a conga sitting in my bedroom for no reason at all.
6. i lost my pretty necklace. 😦 it’s a bad day for that. it’s in my room somewhere, i remember taking it off, and it’ll turn up.
7. i’m REALLY tired and i think I’m just gonna rest a lot today. i feel ick. spirits are kinda low, although i feel pretty positive about the future.
8. i faffed off reading Game of Thrones because things just got so busy.
9. I had a couple shadow entries for Spintunes, but my heart isn’t really in it.
10. I just want to SSSSLLLLLLEEEEEEEPPPPP, and you would too if you were me 🙂

I have been writing lots of songs. Yesterday I was really upset and felt like I used to when I felt like there was nothing I could do and nowhere I could go, and no matter what I did or where I set up shop – someone was going to take away everything I loved and everything I work hard to try to build for myself. Right now, that’s what I feel like about music in Austin, and being a musician. I feel like it’s an exercise in futility because a big ugly bird will just come and swoop down and steal it all away.. 😦 This always makes me want to hide.

It can’t be generalized, because it’s not true for all women, but some women just make themselves easy prey – and I’m one of those. I have to learn to be impervious and ballsier, I think. I don’t make a very imposing figure. Nobody ever really looks at me and thinks, hmmmm … lets not %$^ with her…

something to ponder …

in a way, it’s what my song for the side challenge at Songfight is about. I got a perfect title for it… but it’s real openended. And dark. Dunno what will happen yet. We’ll see…….

2nd-ary title: narrow your eyes

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