the options of amplification

this time..
it will be different
because it’s not a time
this time it’s place
space outside time
where wheels and knobs stick on.
they stick to fronts and backs and sides
and doors are made of
wings and feathers and stars
and honest melting meetings of the minds.
an irreverent creature
blowing fragrant smoke at all your “whys”
(like through a caterpillar pipe!)
sails straight through nebulae
despite the scars
uncaring of rules
or of the overtaking of cars
or of pursuing ..other inanities
caring only for the sticky sweet
combining of your sighs

if you like just what you like
you cannot like it -once or twice.
if you ask her for the keys to
all her vice;
what that would be –
think what she’d want your sound to look like
(what she’d want your down to push like)
…choosing all the settings
heavy pettings
inside outside – thinking twice…
-threading dragon needles through the
pulsing songs of victory,
just to sing nice…

to tone it down to brown is losing
plus, it’s not that easy…
… you’ll see…

what’s normal but
a moldy lump of cheese?
if you turn the sound up
loud enough
no one can hear the screams
of ecstasy.

the options of amplification

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