VERY Quick list before Battery Dies

1. I have a LOT to do today!
2. I do not feel very creative.
3. I am feeling very nostalgic.
4. I am not sad.
5. I don’t know if I would call myself happy. Not content either. But I’m good.
6. I’m HUNGRY!
7. I’m really sick of my stupid duck alarm on my phone. If you know me well, you are familiar with what I am talking about.

Yes, I’m going to take my pills. Hush.

8. The thing that is the worst about me and being sick is the AfterwardPart when you look back into the past and see the complete lack of ability you had to have any control over your own actions. The complete lack of perspective you had. The tragedy of thinking that you had perspective of any kind.
The sadness of belief in healing.
9. I know I am better now. But perhaps this is delusional.
10. It is hard thinking that I am nothing, and my decisions and emotions are nothing, but a set of symptomatic behavior. This is the reason I pretty much trust in nothing but my creations. I can control my output. I can control what I make.
11. There is too much stimuli going on right now for me.
12. I am behind on answering things and giving feedback.
13. I’m going to spend the rest of the month, and probably next month too, catching up and getting re-organized.
14. I have three percent battery right now.
15. I’m getting new hair again today! šŸ™‚

VERY Quick list before Battery Dies

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