1. whatever your “it” happens to be, when you have reached the critical mass of Doing the First Load of Screaming-Assed-Laundry-Problem Part of It, you have begun to tackle a critical part of your problem and are going to be Okay. Perhaps even A-Okay.
2. I have something fun to do on Thursday night! ILLUMINARE!
3. I did something fun last night. But it could have been fun-er. We’re working on that. It’ll get more fun this weekend. It’s a journey, not a destination. Dear Bob (to borrow, TYJ)! I’m quoting Aerosmith lyrics! And they are probably quoting something else.


4. That reminds me… I need to figure out something about the stay-put lipstick problem. And these toenails are not going to un-velocoraptor themselves. I am not even certain I have figured out how to SPELL V-raptor, so we’ll just change it to that for the porpoises of this blog.
5. This blog actually does NOT contain porpoises. But I have seen some that contain fish.
6. I like fish. I miss them. I would like to eat some fish now. Luckily, it is taco Wednesday, so I will get RIGHT ON THAT!
7. I have some stuff to do. LOTS of stuff! I am doing stuff for:
-something I’m making for Manhattan Glutton
-another Surprise Song, nope not tellin!

Some of these are also cover-y. There are others, some involving these folks, some not. These are in no particular order, and some have deadlines. Also, I’m practicing furiously because I am going to start performing live. I’m also looking into the viability of forcing people to come hang out with me in Google+ and watch me do random music stuff on Sundays. It could be entertaining. Sundays seem like just as good a days as any. I dunno. It could work. I was thinking Saturdays, but that conflicts with my SWpartner’s Joeshow and even though we have not gotten anything finish-done for ages that is not very duality of me to make competitiveness so I am not going to set up a competeing songwriting hour unless he slots in something different. Besides, I may start gigging Saturdays or doing brunchy things or being more social. Saturdays are a good social day around here but on Sundays nada much is going on. And as far as I can see people do not do all that much on the Sunday. Friday is also not good because Jules does stuff then and there are LOTS of people who play in Austin on both Thursdays and Fridays and as well we are trying to start our Opal’s Thursday thing up again with our old Habana House crowd.

It looks like a lot of the Songfight people have been hanging out on the Google and also that GeekyJules who I will link later is liking it way better than the Facebook.

It looks like my Houston people have been exercising and travelling and Academically Achieving and that a visit is sorely needed from us as soon as we can swing it; trouble is we are not just talking about one set and I never know how we are going to get around to everyone.

I would also like to go to California at some point and visit my aunt. She lives San Fran, but my cousin who I would like to see is in LA.

And there is that dream I had of going to Paris with my stupid amount of miles. And promising some people I’d drive to Michigan someday. I’m not going anywhere till I record and get this room cleaned.

So much to do!

For now it’s tacos and Mexican coke and recording.

*ps. i don’t want to hear any crap about Harry Potter. no duh and i don’t care! the soundtrack kicks ass! na-na, na na naaaa. na, na. na, na….


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