on the radio (uh, oh!)

I obviously have a wordpress, and a fun-loving songwriting partner who is trying to be helpful to my Dramatic-Ass in some Way.

Well, as well as getting tacos for brunch (over-eating a bit 😦 ) and really nice and exciting Cheering Musical Email that made me philosophical on my blog; I got a end-of radio impromptu birthday cast…


for my Tapeworm.

That’s right. I am an enormous dork with an imaginary tapeworm – a dork who is writing songs with a radioperson from Scotland. Yes, he is the Bluebeard guy. Yes, he writes about the Vikings. Yes, he dresses up like a Viking and they go and “beat each other up with latex weaponry.”

I myself have “imaginary” personalities and am from a Faraway Planet. We do what we must do get through the day.

WordPress is somehow involved with The Look 24/7 his radio station he started w/Jules Sherred; {lotz of tags added soon!!} so ~Joe’n’Den~ of Duality237 (yes, we are a tad secret club-bsy) were not in the chat together. Yes Den is Me Mrs. Denise McAllister. He did say my wholewhole name in his chat today, I listened to much of his thing in between work spurts. But she is also Denise Hudson who has not been writing so much for her namename; and she’s DJ Ranger Den who wrote ‘Stranded’ and is in Songfight; and I guess a case could be made that ‘Invisible Girl’ is very @suspiciousden of me.

I am trying to keep my head on straight but perhaps I will stop trying. Perhaps there is little point to it. I am what I am.

Whoever that’s gonna be is whatever the next song was..


boom boom, ain’t it great to be crazy?

on the radio (uh, oh!)

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