so exciting list!!

1. I’d better make a List, which Autocrasscorrecticomicrudling (a word i just made up!) decided to change to ‘L-U-S-T.’ This apparently means that Spring is in the air, altho it is Summer.
2. I’m feeling unusually chipper. I shall take this and raise it.
3. I think I’m feeling grand because I have been receiving Spicy Music in the mail and I have several interesting things on my mental stove.
4. ATXBlogathon is coming up once again, so it is getting to be time to think of becoming more of a social animal and perhaps setting some personal goals!
5. If I am not mistaken, it occurs on Oct 1… which is when DEN begins HER fall and it is officially Denise New Year!!!
6. Fall is my Alluring Season. Altho of course if you have to tell people that then perhaps it’s not going to cool off in Texas till November.

{kick a rock}

…..Somebody’s always gotta point out that the Kool Aide Man is actually half empty even though he is bravely smashing through last season’s Negativity…

so exciting list!!

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