keep your friends close…

There are basic rules of living I would like to re-visit. To reiterate.

1. Keep your phone charged. Don’t lose your charger.
2. Don’t ever completely unpack. Be an ORGANIZED packer.
3. Don’t drink too much in strange places. Or if you do, try to remember the name of your hotel. Sheesh.
4. Don’t get lost in strange places. If you do, make sure you have someone with you. And GPS. Thank goodness for that!
5. Always carry gum or breath mints. Not for anybody else, but for yourself. This is so that when you are performing, you can have a Perfect Performance, and not one where you think at Any Time ‘gee, this would be a lot better if my breath didn’t smell like Tiny Onions from White Castle.’
6. Breathe deeply while travelling if prone to panic attacks. Your surroundings are not reality.
7. Do not take actions that are based upon panicky observations made while travelling.
8. Perfect friends last forever.

keep your friends close…

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