Things To Do…

1. quit freaking out.
2. get off the fahlookin’ interwebs.
3. packitty-pack-pack-pack.
4. figure out how to PLAY the pianooooo…
5. finish CLEANING my ROOM
6. do some more editing.
7. sign up Donutworthy and Hudson and Day for Spintunes.
8. eat something besides a cupcake.
9. listen to some songfight songs that I’m behind on, and start reviewing and voting on them. I’m not in this one, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go listen. 🙂
10. finish cleaning my room.
11. finish packing.
12. more editing.
13. write a long email to various band members with detailed spintuna instructions.
14. carefully pack stunning array of portable recording equipment.
15. quit freaking out.
16. finish uploading old files onto stupid dumb mobile me which is stupid and dumb and hates me, so that spintunes doesn’t get ruined because my cylon decides to do the naked dance of death on my twitching, protesting complainer of a corporeal excuse for a songwriterform … making me have to send Joe panicky emails screaming WHY GOD!!!??? WHY!!?!?!? I have NO IDEA how I’m going to BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…. particularly as I will be in New York and not home with people with Engineering Prowess to Bail Me Out. Not till the weekend, anyway.
17. oh crap. i’m getting on a plane tomorrow….

… i don’t like to fly. :O…… usually i only get on planes if I’ve got a REALLY good reason. eeek!

Things To Do…

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