Best Little Rest Stop in Kansas


We just stopped at the most amazing place. We knew the minute we saw the Elf Shelf that it was special. Not to mention the moomoo cowcow wind chimes šŸ™‚ Scoreza!!!


But there is always sadness in a palace of earthly delights. When covetousness hits, you must learn to restrain yourself and WALK AWAY!!! No matter HOW BAD you want the cutecute cupcake timer! Do I need anymore crap in my house?! No! No! A thousand times no!!!


So our visit with Travis Norris blessed me (here we are)…

(a photo where I don’t have 80chins, but Mr.Norris is still his photogenic self!)

..and I found a diet flavor of a Mountain Dew Adventure Flavor we’d been discussing over BBQ. It is called an ‘Adventure Flavor’ now because I decided it was šŸ™‚

in conclusion, the consensus on Huey and his News – great band!!!!

Best Little Rest Stop in Kansas

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