All too Easy (wall)

It is way too easy
to be carefree
if you are a being
with uncluttered mind
whose way is spent free;
whose path can have
choicesness and wine-
and fine things besides.
“Must be nice..”
well it’s easy to say,
it seems…

So many don’t know
the darkness of roads,
the toil and the dirt
under toenails and clothes;
the spit and the blood
and the lies and the other
things coming
along..that the songs
speak barely of..

I used to feel love,
the love which is there still;
love which does not
come in
to get me
when I have
retreated in deeply
to die.
and yet death never
seems to
want to come cheaply
(even on sale for
a buck-ninety-nine!)

I’d leave if I could but find
an alternative
-an oasis,
a safe place,
a garden,
(a spaceship…)
-but all of my love offerings..
my sweet copings,
are interpreted wasted excuses;
and so I will harden to crystallized
in place of my once deliciously
stickysweet honey

It’s useless to die,
out of fashion and silly.
No one cares to observe
the meme of your goodbye
The act is old hat –
so if it’s going to be done at all
do it postmodernly, silently
beyond the wall…

All too Easy (wall)

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