The Good Things.

I haven’t been really engaging a lot lately. I’ve been having trouble writing and I need to NOT. I need to get cracking and feel better and finish some things today. I keep getting off point.

Something good happened today. I feel a lot better. I’ve been feeling kind of blue, and a little defeated. I’ve worked really hard this year. If you have failures, you have to take what comes and build up from them. I have experience in this and it’s hard but good. I seem like a big dreamer with my head in the clouds but I am a realistic survivor. Like my arch enemy who is gross, I’ll be there by myself with the roaches after the explosions have cleared. This is unfortunate, but also it’s sort of not. I think it’s both funny and convenient to be underestimated. It suits my style. It allows for planning, space, and time. And my own style of fun.

And a GREAT deal of irony.

As I said, good things are happening. Good things happen. If you are open and a person who embraces good and tries to be good and honest and true and right – then good things come back to you. I try to live by this. It is not always consistent. I wish I could totally be myself. It’s dangerous to be that way, of course; but the people in my life that I have that let me have the safety with them I am really grateful for and I wouldn’t trade my circumstances. I like things as they are. Today I feel that I will succeed.

So I guess I’d better get back to work. Because since I feel strongly the energy on my side, it would be JUST like *ME* to find some way to try and screw it up somehow.

I am still learning. 😉

The Good Things.

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