nightnight listlist

1. i’m a little blue tonight. probably I am just tired.
2. another song about cake. i think I am obsessed with cake.
3. i s’pose I will catch up with the news, but not tonight, and not tomorrow until I am done with my work. This probably means little-to-no internet since I have projects’n’stuff.
4. got reviews needin’ to get done. I’m starting to get a little better at them.
5. for some reason, my fights not doing so poorly in the reviews. go fig. at least, this was true last time I checked. Things may have gone horribly awry. I’m not expecting a win or anything. My vocal levels weren’t high enough for that. 🙂
6. I’m tossing back and forth … go to bed, or work or something else. Bed, or work. bed, or work…
7. There is no seven.
8. There is an eight.
9. Number nine… Number nine. Number nine…
10. Man I’m a dork. If I don’t stop it, the privilige of lists will be taken from me. I should also learn to Spell.

nightnight listlist

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