Late Audio Breakfast

1. I just called my husband ‘Sir Grumps-a-Lot.’ At least it made him laugh. {Den-for-the-WIN!!}
2. We have the best coffee in the whole world at this house. It’s from Third Coast Coffee. It’s part-owned by a friend I went to high school with which is even cooler, but they are starting to distribute all over the city and I am not just saying they are the best because I am biased. They really are THE BEST I have ever had. If I ever can’t get this coffee I will roll up into a little fetal ball and die. Or have to switch to tea. Or compulsively drink diet cokes again. Or something like that.
3. Randall’s maté did help me out for a day. So that does have some stuff in it.
4. I’m working on something really beautiful today.
5. I am really pleased with all my fun VST toys right now.
6. NUR EIN is due tomorrow!
7. There is no seven 🙂 But we are having biscuits and honey for breakfast! mmmmm! Super yum!!!

Late Audio Breakfast

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