thursday: a list

1. i have kind of a funny feeling about this week. but there is so much going on that maybe that’s what it’s about. i think i’m just nervous about all that.
2. i have to get my songfight done by around noon tomorrow if I want to get it in. That’s less than 12 hours. i’ve already gotten it written, but I’m wacky tired.
3. I just had a cuh-crazy practice session. It felt awesome.
4. i really have a lot of damn files on this cylon, and I know that everyone is sick of hearing about this. I will feel MUCH better when I am organized, both in my brain and out of it.
5. Perhaps I will stop whining then.

I have this unrealistic goal of having all my music files organized by early next week. I have about four things I’d like to see done. I think perhaps I’m being silly, but I don’t know.

I think I might need to nap for a while.

thursday: a list

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