1. I’m finishing off Round One of Nur Ein. I’m getting better about doing critical reviews. I think that I am getting used to this, and might try doing a live show. Maybe Thursday, I’ll listen to my friend Kalu and actually review him and some of his songs. This will be hard, because my roommate is in the band. I might have to put a caveat in there, because I live with him and maybe there’s a kind of no-no there. Also, the guitar player is a REALLY good friend of ours and I think he is going to help me film a video.

Maybe that is NOT such a good idea. Maybe I’ll review something else. Maybe I should review shows sight-unseen. Or just CDs. Or maybe just not review at all, and this is just a thing that I’m doing when I am in contests with people who are like me.

Good. I’m glad we’ve got that sorted.

This is all really just practice that has become an addiction that has gone wildly out of control. But like some of the other songfighters, I am thinking of putting my songs from that into something that I can actually MAKE a “thing” out of. I have LOTS of fights that I didn’t submit.. and I’m thinking of doing something with that. No.. it’s actually IN the books.

2. Okay. we’re at number two now. The challenge is “it must be autobiographical” (this made me muchly mirthful) and the title is ‘Blame it on Ginger.’ I am running with this because I’m taking it as a ginger – which is one of the options that has been discussed on the boards.

Wanna laugh?
This is a silly picture of Mike, my husband. You can’t really tell, because he is eating his customary breakfast sandwich which he has when we go to Opal Divine’s.

It is made of bacon and a fried egg and an English muffin and some cheese I think. And Mike makes faces when I take his photo. He does that a lot.

More laughing then….
This is Joe, making fun of me and my stupid facial expressions. I think we will make this into a duality photo one day, if I can find the photo which he is spoofing. There is probably more than one.

I probably feel very comfy with Joe because I think that spicy boys are not going to snow me. It has proved to be true thus far. So this song will be more of a joke than anything. I’m already having a lot of fun with it, but I’m quite busy today and one of the blame-y things I can think of (in Joe’s case) is the fact that ANOTHER thing I have to do is remix my entry from round one because it is TOO QUIET ON THE VOCALS yet again. *sigh*… this is a recurring problem for me and mixing I’m afraid just doesn’t come naturally.

So I guess I will struggle on.

3. Bonus though.. two of them:
– Mike is coming home EARLY today so we will get to eat a nice lunch. He’s home already! Score!

-there are old speakers outside the study. I may be able to used these for alternative monitors for mixes so I can see how different monitors reflect different … uh… well, you know blahblahblah…
You know. Like a real studio.

Anyway. Hopping to it…



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