1. I had eggs and french toast.
2. i am doing two very special projects.
3. I am going to fix my nur ein song because it is not done.
4. i am going to do song fight reviews
5. i experimented. I am playing with more in-depth denise-y blogs at a place i don’t really like. but there it is.
6. i am a little bit sick-kish.
7. i could use a hug. several in fact.
8. kisses too please. kthnx.
9. my hair is still cute.
10. so are you 🙂 yes. i mean all of you. 🙂
11. i’m back to thinking the word ‘weasel’ is funny; rather than just an easy shot and some kind of ploy.
12. i’m REALLY tired of facebook and might take a break. I’ll update thru twitter and answer comments cuz i get push on those and mails thru the phone.
13. is not an unlucky number, dammit!

ps. thanks folks for commenting on my video. you are all gorgeous, stunning creatures and in my thoughts. 🙂 have a great day.


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