Things to Do ToDAY!!

I haven’t done one of these in a while!

1. Get dressed and go DO something LISTY! (just SHAMEFUL!)
2. It should REALLY involve mac’n’cheese!
3. Because I just want mac-n-cheese, that’s why! Do people need a REASON?
4. I STILL want cake, but this time I need chocolate cake. Or cheese cake… ooooooo.
5. Or like a brownie or something.
6. I think i’ll take a lollipop with me.
7. I’m still dealing with the damn cylon
7. There are two number sevens.
8. I have some music to work on today.
9. I am going to do my songfight AND nur ein reviews today!
10. I made second place in round zero. I want to hope this good fortune will continue, but I do NOT want to jinx myself. Still, Spintunes tanked so horribly after Fu went so well, so maybe this is an upswing for me 🙂

11. There IS no eleven.
12. I have to go to a special room now, and stop making this list. That is perhaps too much information, but I am a Special Girl Alien.

Things to Do ToDAY!!

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