1. I haven’t posted in a while. I don’t have much that I want to type. This makes it tough to blog.
2. Randall is mixing a CD that sounds wonderful and is SERIOUSLY growing on me.
3. We are drinking mate in this house now, although I think that it is spelled with an accent mark: like m-a-t-é.
4. I saw a movie yesterday. It was quite diverting.
5. I just found out that there is a Joe DiMaggio’s downtown. I wonder if they have a piano, like the one at the Domain did.
6. The cylon is still clogged with crap. I’m getting rid of duplicate files and shuffling stuff around.
7. My hair is, like, TOTALLY pink!!!

(okay.. that was (liketotally) lame…)
8. it’s fun hair though..
9. i’m REALLY hungry and did NOT get my taco yesterday. I kinda want a cupcake though. And a sandwich.
10. I get my PIANO almost-done on Wednesday!

YAY! Then my piano-man comes back after over-a-week-ish and I get it finishfinished!


I will be playing ALL THE TIME!! 🙂


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