April 10th

I didn’t even know it was today until I looked.

Man… what would that be… 17 years? A long time ago. Since a kind of strange anniversary fell on a Sunday.

I have a book that I read once. I think I need to read it again. It got me kicked out of a dark place a little bit… but I never finished the course before.

Two other people I know did it. One is moving here and the other world tours regularly.

The people around me who are successful do not fret. And I was at my peak prime… a little over a year ago… when I had my eye on the prize.

I am looking at these videos and I am astounding, and beautiful. I always thought I would feel beautiful if I LOST 40 pounds. Maybe I am the only woman in history who wishes for the confidence back that her jigglyness gave her.

I knew myself then. I do not know this new, sick body. I have not talked about this lately-unhappy cold new sick body.

But I have named and identified the problem. A smile crosses my face again. The flowers have begun to bloom. Spring has come again. The winter will be over. The seasons will melt and thaw away. Birds will sing……….. delicious.

I can master this. There are so many people that watch and see and wait and maybe… hopefully … would like to hear and know.

April 10th

4 thoughts on “April 10th

  1. pssst. I’ve never actually finished the course either! At lease not in an officially, tied-with-a-bow way! But I did work it big time up to at least chapter 8 twice. and I need to get back to those pages. If I can manage with all the moving stuff. at least after I move for sure. But it would probably help if I did it before. ay yi yi. So soon!

  2. well, I haven’t started it yet.. but that’s only because I can’t find the BOOK!
    Can’t wait till you get here πŸ™‚
    I can’t remember which chapter I got to. I know it was some impossible task that was really daunting and just SLAMMED me. I plan to get through it this time. I’m going to try and get a LITTLE settled on some stuff first though… πŸ™‚

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