seven quick things.

1. i accidentally ran into a friend that I’d been looking for for a specific purpose today at a coffeeshop. so that’s pretty cool!
2. i am a little stressed about the song cycle, but then I found out I’ve got an extra day; so I’ll be able to go healthy-food eating and on a little store-shop with Mike to whole foods. Healthy but expensive. Unfortunately, this means I will have to clean out the fridge. Actually, this is fortunate. Fridge is ick. This means I have a LOT of things to do:

a) reading and editing.
b) this list isn’t quick anymore, is it?
c) no, kitteh, you can’t have my taco!
d) my tummy still feels weird #tmi (look at me, hashtagging in a blog.)

3. couch kitteh and the cylon are having some kind of inappropriate relationship. the cat was licking and rubbing on the monitor so muchly that she almost fell off the couch (!) and well… the cylon isn’t saying no – and I don’t see it rushing to help ME out with anything lately! It see it hiding files, and keeping secret little places. It’s totally hiding stuff.
4. apparently, I make YouTube think of ‘Chocolate Rain.’ I already tweetbooked about this – but still think it’s funny.
5. I have all sorts of exciting things planned for the week of Nur Ein that require me to get healthy and get an enormous amounts of work and household over-haul done. As well as things on my “List of Things to Do” that have been lying fallow for ages.
6. My promises mean nothing to anyone, do they. Like the fact that I’m not going to tag all the taggable things in here, for I am lazy. We all know how to use google!
7. In conclusion, the dryads have stolen our internet again, and even my Magic 4G stick is not working well. This is bad, and I am going to have to arrange the gargoyles that Randall has left me upstairs for just such things. Problem is, is that I need to do it around where the wireless is; and around other Strategic Places. I don’t know if that’s gonna be an okay scene.

*sigh* … drama at the BangBang Shack. Bang, bang, bangity bang.

ADDENDUM: Oh look! The internet is back! Thank you Dryads!
Oh… just kidding 😦

seven quick things.

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