Professionalism Approaches Slowly From the North.

1. I am a nervous little thing, and I think I always will be. you have to know that if you are dealing with me. i flit.
2. wouldn’t it be awful if Ken Plume pulled another “maayybe I’ll do SongFuhmmmmm?” thing again since there’s fights and nur ein and cycle and an approaching spin? 🙂 what would den do!!?
3. I am VERY excited about Nur Ein and am frankly really getting into this songfight stuff. There’s a lot of contestants for ‘Beaten Man’ this time (I am not one of them).. and I’m hoping they’ll put the next title up soon even though I have stupid amounts of stuff to do.
4. I’ve been physically ill because of different meds that I’m on now. I still don’t know how I feel about all this change and trying to be “more professional” on here. I don’t talk about this blog much on Facebook for a reason. I think seeing numbers creeping up on it is making me greedy – when that is not what it is for. If the numbers come up, fine. If they don’t fine. I’m a musician. I need to keep working. I think I am just confused.
5. My piano is coming back soon, but I don’t know when.
6. I’m doing archiving right now, while also writing lyrics. I think I’m dawdling because my voice doesn’t want to work. luckily I can do a lot of music from this chair.

Professionalism Approaches Slowly From the North.

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