Slightly Non-Appropriate Afternoon Listage

1. I want something with pastrami in it.
2. I don’t know how this “being a more appropriate and ‘professional’ person” is gonna go. I fall down the stairs a lot!
3. What is one supposed to SAY when falling down stairs?! “oh! Shucky-DARN!!!! I hast fallen down yonder stairage!!!”
I ain’t that kinda maiden.
4. I am having a medical procedure. It requires a special kind of discomfort and is non invasive. I’m drinking fluids and feeling squirmy
5. Oh gah!!! TMI!!!!!!!
6. Killing time at Ruta
7. …..doing work (you TOTALLY believe this!)
8. When I get back home I’ll TOTALLY be doing work. On a timer.
9. I owe people mails and messages!
10. I’m TOTALLY doing songfight again. Oh yeah!!!

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Slightly Non-Appropriate Afternoon Listage

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